The department deals with Toxicology, forensic medicine and medical jurisprudence. Agadtantra is one of the eight branches of ayurveda. It deals with properties, effects and management of poison of animate & inanimate origin. There is in detail study of agadas i.e. vishavirodhi dravya or vishavirodhikalpa which are used since human history itself. It also deals with the laws related to poisons.

Poisoning may be due to

  • Snakebites, scorpion bites, spider bite etc.
  • Food poisoning.
  • Application of Cosmetics
  • Skin-face discolouration, hairfall, premature greying.
  • Chemically treated fruits, vegetables, meat, fish etc.
  • Chemically treated fruits, vegetables, meat, fish etc.
  • Side-effects of Medicine.
  • VYAVAHARA AYURVEDA (FORENSIC MEDICINE) and VIDHI VAIDYAKA(MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE) explain about application of medicine to the purpose of law (medico-legal aspects)


Our vision is to evolve as a Centre of Excellence for Academics, Research and Clinical Services in the realm of toxicology to widen scholarly knowledge and understanding of Visha for valuable applicability in higher education and curative endeavors and fortify the contributions of the discipline of Agada Tantra towards the attainment of new frontiers for the everlasting Science of Life.


  • To develop Agada tantra department into a centre where traditional Visha vaidya Chikitsa could be explored and validated scientifically.
  • To impart awareness among the general public on – Environmental pollution, use of harmful pesticides that contaminate natural sources of human food and the use of chemical cosmetics, substance abuse etc.
  • Treatment of different types of Poisoning (ie. Detoxification) with classical procedures and medicines.
  • To establish an exclusive division of Cosmetology (Soundarya Chikitsa) especially skin,face and hair.
  • To establish the relevance of facts mentioned in Ayurveda by conducting Clinical Research.
  • To educate and inspire students to follow ethical medical practice and to give adequate exposure to face the medicolegal challenges successfully