Sr. Description

Clinical Facility

A 120 Beded Hospital with 10 OPD with satisfactory staff, obsessive lab, X-Ray Facility and other gear, Activity Theatrewith wards in the I.P.D. /O.P.D. is accessible for treatment of patients through ayurveda. A total unit of Panchkarma is laid out under Dept. of Panchakarma.

Specialised Facility for Patients

1) Prakriti Parikshan
2) Lab Investigation- Routine & Special Blood Tests
3) Digital X-Ray
4) ECG
5) Panchakarma Therpay
6) Yoga Demonstraion
7) Eye Checkup
8) Kshar sutra Therapy
9) Agni karma
10) Physio therapy

Hospital OPD

1) Kayachikitsa.
2) Panchakarma.
3) Shalya Tantra.
4) Shalakya Tantra.
5) Netra RogaVibhag.
6) Karna Nasa Mukha evum Danta RogaVibhag.
7) Prasuti Tantra &Stri Rog.
8) Kaumarbhritya.
9) Swasthavritta& Yoga.
10) Aatyayika (Casualty).

Panchakarma Thearapy Unit

1) Vamana -This Panchakarma treatment involves external and internal oleation and fomentation therapies, which continue for a few days until the toxins in your body get liquefied and gather up in upper layers.
2) Virechana-This therapy is to do with excretion process wherein you eliminate toxins through bowels. Herein too you’re treated with oleation and fomentation processes and are administered herbal laxative which cleanses your bowels of all the toxins.
3) Nasya-Nasya therapy is meant for clearing up the head region of the body. You’re prepared for this treatment with a light massage and then fomentation in the shoulder and head areas.
4) Basti-This treatment is unique to the Ayurveda system and involves administration of medicated substances like ghee, herbal decoctions, milk or oils into the rectum, for cleaning up the colon.
5) Raktamochana-It helps in the treatment of diseases caused by impure blood. Raktamochana can be done on any specific area of the body, or the entire body itself. It works particularly well in the treatment of skin diseases like pigmentation and eczema.


All the Research facilities connecting with their individual subjects to be specific Physiology, Pathology, Toxicology, Dravyaguna, Rasashastra and so forth are exceptional.


The library subscribes for a good number of medical journals, magazines and periodicals. It is well managed with books on Ayurveda and Modern. The Library has a capacity to accommodate hundred students and there is extra space available for reading room.The central library has a stock of 15000 books. In addition to this there are department libraries in each department. The reading rooms can accommodate 100 students at a time.


The College has well established Pharmacy according to CCIM norms and is being run under the supervision of experts and experienced staff. Quality Ayurvedic medicines are regularly manufactured and supplied to the O.P.D.

Herbal Garden

Herbal garden provides herbs on a large scale for imparting knowledge about their identification and pharmacopoeia.


Well furnished hostel for boys “BOYS HOSTEL” with a capacity of 120 beds and a girls hostel “GIRLS HOSTEL” with a capacity of 60 beds.

Internet facility

Unlimited internet facility is open to the students and staff of the college.

Audio Visual Aids

Audio vision aids such as LCD projectors and overhead projectors are available in the classrooms. Sound amplification facilities are arranged in classes with 75 students. Sufficient number of charts and models are also available in the college.