Dept. of Rog Nidan Avum Vikriti Vigyan

Rog Nidan Avum Vikriti Vigyan

Department of Roga Nidan Evum Vikriti Vigyan is working to provide scientific basis to the various diagnostic principles and fundamental principles of Ayurveda and is striving hard to provide objective evidence along with the clinical efficacy of Ayurvedic management therapies going on in College and is working for upliftment of Ayurveda

Departmental Vision

  • To strengthen Ayurveda on scientific grounds through studies conducted on Ayurvedic concepts using scientific technology
  • To ignite and develop the understanding in scholars for the various fundamental and diagnostic aspects of Ayurveda.
  • To develop competence in clinical approach in the scholars regarding understanding of the pathogenic components and its resolution regarding diseases
  • To teach and train students to build their competence
  • Collaborative research projects with institutions of national repute
  • Developing Departmental teaching and training lab infrastructure
  • To facilitate patient care in the hospital by conducting laboratory tests ensuring the highest standards of quality


Empowering the students with the scientific understanding for approaching the science of Ayurveda in a structured manner, which shall enable them in understanding the contents of all the branches of Ayurveda and enable them to adopt it in their clinical practice.


  • To ignite the ayurvedic diagnostic skills in scholars along with scientific temperament
  • To develop clinical proficiency in the scholars in Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment
  • To gradually and persistently endeavor towards the creation of best models of teaching, patient care and training