Department of Kaumarabhritya-Bal Roga is a clinical department imparting its services under three major domains viz. hospital, academic and research activities. In addition to these, the department is actively involved in all the institutional extension activities such as Medical Camps, and also curricular and co-curricular activities. The department of Kaumarabhritya is housed on the fourth floor of the academic block with 7 rooms and a laboratory (4 rooms for faculties, one office room, one seminar cum lecture hall and one room for research scholars). The department has a reference library with more than 200 books. For clinical training of scholars, the department is having OPD facility, Paediatric anchakarma facility, allotted beds the hospital and a NICU facility.

Departmental Vision

To develop the department into state of art Institution of Global recognition in Teaching, trait


To set up the state of art teaching-learning, research and childcare centre of excellence in Kaumarabhritya (Ayurveda Paediatrics) subject


  • To provide postgraduate/doctoral and post-doctoral teaching, research facilities and quality patient care services
    under Kaumarabhritya-Balaroga speciality of Ayurveda system of medicine
  • To act as a referral hospital and a “Centre of Excellence” to set highest standards of education,
    research, patient care and also function as a model centre for international collaboration in
    Kaumarabhritya-Balaroga subject of Ayurveda
  • To act as a model institution to show the strength, efficacy and popularity of Ayurveda.
    The institute will be used for promoting Ayurveda in India and abroad.
  • To impart interdisciplinary post-graduate- doctoral and post-doctoral teaching,
    training and research in Kaumarabhritya- Balaroga specialty
  • To develop model teaching tools, demonstration modules of teaching in Postgraduate/ Doctoral
    and Post -doctoral Ayurveda Medical education in Kaumarabhritya- Balaroga subject so as to
    demonstrate high standards of education for use in Ayurvedic institutions